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Personal Training

Personal Training

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1 Hour Personal Training Session Includes...

    ***Please Call to Confirm Before Purchasing***

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training and Instruction+Education. We focus on building foundational skills and habits such as movement, nutrition, and sleep, while following a training program that we refer to as...
  • F.A.S.T (Functional Aesthetics Strength Training)...aka...The workouts will help you Look Good and Move Well! The sessions are 60-75 minutes in length, and are full body workouts. Expect a combo of Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Mobility/Flexibility work, and Cardio, as we combine it all to give you a complete, challenging, and fun workout!
  • In addition to the Exercise, we will also be diving into Nutrition! You can't outwork a bad diet, or starve yourself to a nice body. You have to set food goals based on how you want your body to look and feel, then structure your eating around your lifestyle. Together, we will create my signature "Dumb Simple Meal Plan", which will allow you to establish set eating times, and eat more food, that you enjoy. Through conversation and some mixing/matching, we can find a nice balance between your calories and macros, and simple eating that you don't have to overthink, or go a day without dieting and still feel great!
  • Of course, this is a lot for one person to do on their own. Which is why I pride  myself on my lifestyle accountability! I am there with you, and for you, every step of the way. I check in with you throughout the week to make sure you are following your program, and should any questions or concerns arise, I am always available to address them, so we can adapt and continue to make progress! I am very understanding of the lifestyles/anxieties/obstacles that can get in the way of fitness, and so together, we can work through them, to get through them.
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